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steel plate

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steel plate

  It is a flat steel poured with molten steel and pressed after cooling.

  It is flat and rectangular, which can be directly rolled or cut by wide steel strip.

  (1) Low hardenability. In general, the maximum diameter of water quenched carbon steel is only 10mm-20mm.

  (2) The strength and yield strength are relatively low. Such as ordinary carbon steel and Q235 steel σ S is 235mpa, while low alloy structural steel 16Mn σ S is more than 360MPa. 40 steel σ s / σ B is only 0.43, much lower than that of alloy steel.

  (3) Poor tempering stability. Due to the poor tempering stability, when the carbon steel is quenched and tempered, it is necessary to adopt a lower tempering temperature in order to ensure higher strength, so the toughness of the steel is low; In order to ensure better toughness, the strength is low when high tempering temperature is adopted, so the comprehensive mechanical property level of carbon steel is not high.

  (4) It cannot meet the requirements of special performance. Carbon steel is often poor in oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and special electromagnetic properties, which can not meet the needs of special performance.

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