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Seamless pipeProduct Details

Seamless pipe

  Characteristics of seamless pipe:

  First, the thicker the wall thickness of the product, the more economical and practical it will be. The thinner the wall thickness, the higher its processing cost will be; Secondly, the process of the product determines its limited performance. Generally, the precision of seamless steel pipe is low: uneven wall thickness, low brightness on the inner and outer surface of the pipe, high sizing cost, and pockmarks and black spots on the inner and outer surface are not easy to remove; Third, its detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its advantages in high pressure, high strength and mechanical structure materials.

  The raw material of seamless tube is round tube blank. The round tube blank shall be cut and processed by cutting machine, and the blank with a growth of about 1m shall be sent to the furnace for heating through conveyor belt. The billet is sent to the furnace for heating at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. Temperature control in furnace is a key problem After the round tube blank is discharged from the furnace, it shall be pierced through the pressure piercer. Generally, the more common piercer is the conical roll piercer. This piercer has high production efficiency, good product quality, large perforation expansion and can wear a variety of steel grades. After perforation, the round tube blank is successively rolled by three roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion. After extrusion, take off the pipe for sizing. The sizing machine rotates into the steel embryo at high speed through the conical drill to form a steel pipe. The inner diameter of the steel pipe is determined by the outer diameter length of the sizing machine bit. After sizing, the steel pipe enters the cooling tower and is cooled by water spray. After cooling, the steel pipe will be straightened.