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Galvanized welded pipe

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Galvanized welded pipe

  In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipes, general steel pipes are galvanized. Galvanized welded pipe is divided into hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing.

  Generally, galvanized steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized, while electrical trunking is cold galvanized, with certain color differences

  Cold plating --- zinc plating only on the outer pipe wall, hot plating --- both inside and outside

  Galvanized welded pipe is reheated galvanized on the basis of welded steel pipe (that is, dissolve the zinc in the zinc pot, immerse the steel pipe in liquid zinc for a period of time, take it out, and then cool and blow dry) A layer of zinc layer is attached to the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe at the same time Galvanized pipe is generally used for the transportation of low pressure fluid (i.e. water, liquid gas)

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