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El Paso12Cr1MoV alloy pipe manufacturerAnalysis of the length measurement method

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This phenomenon is affected by cooling rate, material composition and heat treatment process. The faster the cooling rate, the higher the carbon content and alloy composition, the greater the plastic deformation non-uniformity and residual stress caused by thermal stress during cooling.

8 There is a great demand for welded steel mesh in China&#;s market.

oEl PasoMain uses: as a finished material, flat steel can be used to make hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts,Products Show and used as building frame structural parts and escalators in buildings. Flat steel is divided into two types according to its shape: plane spring flat steel and single-sided double groove spring flat steel. Hot rolled spring flat steel is mainly used to manufacture leaf springs for automobiles,Denver12Cr1MoV alloy pipeWhat issues to focus on tractors, railway transportation and other machinery.

Speed up the construction progress: weld the mesh with reinforcement to allow the rapid construction of the project. The required laying of welded steel bars is provided, so concrete can be poured, steel cutting, stitching, etc., steel cutting, stitching, etc.,Products Show and the arrangement can be strengthened. ? saving construction time? The construction progress is greatly accelerated and the construction period is shortened.

Yd The end span plate is connected with the load-bearing wall. The length of the surface mesh extending into the grid support shall not be less than mm, and a transverse reinforcement shall be provided at the end of the mesh or the extended reinforcement shall be bent.

Classification by wall thickness


The chemical composition of cold-rolled ribbed strip is the same as that of hot-rolled smooth round strip. It is rolled at room temperature with hot-rolled smooth disc strip, which is called cold rolling. Due to the reorganization of steel crystal structure by cold rolling process high tensile strength (LL, ll, ll, etc.) is obtained which has poor ductility and cannot be welded. If there are double-sided ribs and three-sided ribs, I-beam has successfully solved the problem of serious equipment wear in many industries.

P Welded steel mesh is aesthetically pleasing.

PWelcome calls The reinforced concrete surface reinforcement method has the advantages of simple construction technology and strong adaptability, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity, flexural stiffness and ductility of the brick wall. At the same time, its natural frequency can be changed to improve its performance in normal use. It is mainly applicable to the solid wall,Products Show porous hollow brick wall and mm thick empty bucket brick wall with no cracks and shear in the original wall.

rKThe pollution of the joint causes the welding cracking. The composite pipe welding is an accurate work. If it is not done well, it will not only waste resources,Denver12Cr1MoV alloy pipeWhat issues to focus on but also lead to work efficiency, rework and restart, and waste financial resources.

When the mesh reinforcement on both sides of the beam is different, the reinforcement on both sides extends into the beam, and the reinforcement anchorage length is required.


When the beam width is small, the reinforcement shall be bent.

originalzBecause of this characteristic, seamless pipe is widely used in oil transportation, natural gas,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd natural gas, water and some solid materials transportation. Smooth steel pipe has strong bending advantages compared with other steel pipes. And the smooth steel pipe is also light in weight. It is a very economical single-sided steel.

D→ under the same section load, the weight of hot-rolled H steel structure is reduced by % - % compared with the traditional structure.

According to the section shape, the steel pipe is divided into:

iEl PasoIn order to ensure the welding quality of welded pipe, the forming roll, guide roll, extrusion forming roll and sizing roll must be adjusted once, and then the most important thing is to adjust the closing plate hole, guide roll and extrusion forming roll of the forming roll. Among them, the guide roller has the s of controlling the weld direction of the welded pipe and the height width ratio of the finished rolled pipe, reducing the edge widening controlling the edge springback of the finished rolled pipe, and ensuring that the weld is vertical without screwing into the extrusion roll.

zFGalvanized steel pipe: in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, general steel pipe (black pipe) shall be galvanized. Galvanized steel pipes are divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing. The hot-dip galvanizing layer is thick and the cost of electro galvanizing is low.

Galvanized pipe features:

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