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West Area18 I-beam priceThe output set a new record

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The reinforcement on both sides of the inverted beam extends into the beam respectively, and the anchorage length of the reinforcement is the same as that of the reinforcement, without hook.

8 Simple section steel pipe -- circular steel pipe square steel pipe, oval steel pipe, triangular steel pipe, hexagonal steel pipe,Products Show rhombic steel pipe,Free port18 I-beam manufacturerThe direction of low-carbon development octagonal steel pipe, semi-circular steel pipe, others.

hWest Area→ the two surfaces of the flange are parallel to each other, making it easy to connect, the full-automatic mesh welding machine has the characteristics of simple operation high control precision and easy to master the process of high-speed continuous welding.

SBedessa Acceptance according to standards

HuDefect detection of seamless pipe

Classification by end shape


Galvanized pipe refers to the shape and high frequency of hollow square steel pipe welded by the back of the steel pipe during the hot rolling or cold rolling of galvanized steel plate or cold bending of galvanized steel plate, or before the galvanization of cold hollow pipe. Galvanized. Galvanized square pipe can be divided into hot galvanized pipe and cold galvanized pipe from the production process. This is because the two galvanized pipes are different, which also leads to many different physical and chemical properties.

tAlloy pipe is a spiral seam seamless steel pipe, which is made of hot-rolled strip steel coil, and the hot-rolled strip steel is extruded through multiple passes. The hot-rolled strip steel is rolled slowly to produce annular pipe material with open mouth gap. Adjust the reduction amount of the extrusion roll to control the welding gap at ~ mm and make both sides of the weld flush.

Q Spiral seam high-frequency welded steel pipe (sy- for pressure fluid transportation is a spiral seam high-frequency welded steel pipe used for pressure fluid transportation,Products Show often warm spiral forming and high-frequency lap welding method. The steel pipe has strong pressure bearing capacity and good plasticity, which is convenient for welding and processing; After various strict and scientific inspections and tests, the application is safe and reliable, the diameter of steel pipe is large, the transportation efficiency is high and the investment in laying pipeline can be saved. It is mainly used for laying pipelines for transporting oil, natural gas, etc.

OInterpretation and observationStraight seam welding is adopted for larger diameter welded pipe, and spiral welding is mostly adopted for large diameter welded pipe; According to the top appearance of seamless steel pipe, it is divided into annular welded pipe and special-shaped (square, pitch,Products Show etc.); according to different materials and main purposes, it is divided into mining anti liquid transportation welded steel pipe,Free port18 I-beam manufacturerThe direction of low-carbon development hot-dip galvanized welded steel pipe for bottom pressure liquid transportation, continuous conveyor idler electric welded steel pipe, etc. it is arranged from small to large according to diameter * wall thickness according to the specification model and dimension table in the current standard.

xGSteel pipes can be classified by their models:

Since the s, with the rapid development trend of high-quality hot strip mill production and the development of electric welding and testing technology, the welding quality has been continuously improved, the types, specifications and models of welded steel pipes are increasing, and seamless pipes have been replaced in more and more industries. Welded steel pipes are divided into straight seam welded pipes and spiral welded pipes according to the way of welding. Classified by production mode: classified by processing technology - electric arc welded pipe,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd resistor welded pipe, (high frequency, low frequency) gas welded pipe, furnace welded pipe.


Identification method of galvanized pipe

The cost is reasonabletSteel transfers heat excellently; Can withstand high temperature; Strong and strong materials; Probably a long time ago. In addition, there is the low cost of metal.

IUsing alloy pipe to produce ring parts can improve the utilization rate of raw materials, simplify the production and manufacturing process, and save raw materials and production and processing construction time, such as roller bearing ring throwing Nowadays, seamless steel pipe has been widely used to produce hydraulic jack sleeve.

Platform reinforcement mesh is a widely used reinforcement mesh product, berm, etc. this kind of reinforcement mesh is widely used in industry, municipal administration, electric power, coal mine and other fields, and has the strongest resistance to surface impact, especially the reinforcement mesh with a cross bar spacing of mm has a strong ability to resist lateral impact.

vWest AreaWhen excavating a tunnel in a stratum where the rock is not hard and complete, it is generally necessary to excavate a diversion pit (also known as pilot hole) and set temporary support.

hOIn our daily life and work, we can often see a lot of steel products. At the same time, among many steel products, the figure of galvanized pipe is particularly prominent. This is because this kind of pipe will be applied to many engineering construction we often see in our life. There are also countless products processed with this kind of pipe. For example, in the field of mechanical equipment processing we often see, the application of galvanized pipe is more frequent. Let&#;s discuss the application scope of this kind of pipe today.

The product can withstand any range of operating temperature.

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