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Longitudinal welded pipe has the advantages of simple production process, high production efficiency low cost and rapid development. The strength of spiral welded pipe is generally higher than that of straight welded pipe. It can produce welded pipe with larger pipe diameter with narrow blank, and welded pipe with different pipe diameter with blank of the same width. However, compared with the straight seam pipe with the same length, the weld length increases by ~ , and the production speed is low. Welded pipes with large or thick diameter are generally made of steel blank directly,Products Show while small welded pipes and thin-walled welded pipes only need to be welded directly through steel strip. Then after simple polishing,Olanjestad16Mn thick wall welded pipeWorking pressure product specifications and parameters wire drawing is OK. Welded pipe is welded with strip steel, so it is not as high as seamless pipe in its original position. Welded pipe process: uncoiling of raw materials - leveling - end shearing and welding - looper - forming - Welding - removal of internal and external weld beads - pre correction - induction heat treatment - sizing and straightening - eddy current testing - cutting - hydraulic inspection - Pickling - Inspection (strict control) - Packaging - delivery.

1The reinforced concrete surface reinforcement method has the advantages of simple construction technology and strong adaptability, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity, flexural stiffness and ductility of the brick wall. At the same time, its natural frequency can be changed to improve its performance in normal use. It is mainly applicable to the solid wall, porous hollow brick wall and mm thick empty bucket brick wall with no cracks and shear in the original wall.

gBahamasWhen we carry out different projects, we must use different raw materials, which can ensure the quality of the project. In many kinds of data, alloy pipe is widely used. In many projects,Products Show we will apply it, so it is very popular in the field. When people carry out the construction of alloy pipe project, there are many things that must be paid special attention to. Let&#;s take you to know:

According to the section shape, the steel pipe is divided into:

OBeba Precautions for galvanized pipe storage

Ry Application of galvanized pipe

When the end span plate is connected with the concrete beam for structural reinforcement, the length of the surface mesh reinforcement extending into the beam shall not be less than d. When the beam width is small, the extended reinforcement shall be bent . When the perimeter of the floor is poured integrally with the concrete beam or wall, the length of the surface mesh reinforcement extending into the beam shall not be less than the anchorage length of the small reinforcement required by the standard (without transverse reinforcement), when the beam width is small, the extended reinforcement shall be bent.


Divided by weld -- straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

rAfter the passivation treatment of alloy pipe, it is clearly proposed that water cleaning shall be carried out immediately after the aqueous solution,Products Show ~ times of water cleaning, and then chromic acid closed solution shall be carried out. Chromic acid solution must be carried out h after the subsequent water cleaning of metallographic structure and austenitic alloy pipe. Chromic acid aqueous solution (mass ratio) is % ~ %,Olanjestad16Mn thick wall welded pipeWorking pressure product specifications and parameters and the solution time is min. Then dry.

A Spray is OK. This method can not only completely remove rust, oxide and dirt, but also the welded pipe will be affected by abrasive impact and friction, resulting in the average roughness of the welded pipe.

GDesign brandThe laying of reinforcement mesh can speed up the construction speed and shorten the construction period. In order to reduce the impact of construction on road traffic, the reinforcement and maintenance works of the two bridges are expected to be completed in the middle of next month.

tT Spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe for general low-pressure fluid transportation (SY / t- is a submerged arc welded steel pipe for general low-pressure fluid transportation such as water, gas, air and steam, which is made of hot-rolled steel strip coil as pipe blank,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd often warm spiral forming and double-sided active submerged arc welding or single-sided welding.

Galvanized pipe has excellent corrosion resistance


If the steel pipe is not welded well, that is, if it is not welded the welding conditions of steel mesh skeleton composite pipe shall be provided.

device managementm Construction preparation

AThe key purpose of grinding and polishing alloy pipe is to moisten the surface, qa and QA steel. It can also be made of other mild steel that is easy to weld. Water pressure zigzag, flattening and other tests shall be carried out for steel pipes, the delivery length is -m, and fixed length (or double length) delivery is often required. The standard of welded pipe is expressed in nominal diameter (mm or inch). The nominal diameter is different from the actual. Welded pipe can be divided into general steel pipe and thickened steel pipe according to the specified wall thickness, and steel pipe can be divided into threaded and non threaded according to the way of pipe end.

vBahamasGenerally speaking, the precision of seamless pipe is relatively low, and it is prone to uneven wall thickness, low surface luminosity and high customization cost. At the same time, some pits or black spots are easy to appear on the inner and outer surfaces. In addition to these the seamless pipe manufacturer needs to carry out off-line processing for its detection, and its strength is relatively high, the pressure is high, and its advantages can be reflected in the material of mechanical structure. Seamless pipe can be divided into hot extrusion, hot rolling and cold rolling stainless steel pipe according to its rolling method. In addition, different elements can also be used for classification. The inner and outer surfaces of seamless pipes shall be free from chaps, folds, cracks, scabs, delaminations and other defects. If these defects are to be removed, it is necessary to use machining. The removed seamless pipes shall not have negative deviation after the inner diameter is followed, If other minor surface defects with negative deviation cannot be removed, it is not a qualified product. The allowable depth diameter of straight path of seamless pipe is less than or equal to mm, and its depth shall not be greater than . mm.

yW After chromate passivation, the zinc coating forms white, colorful and military green, which is beautiful and generous and has certain decoration;

Because the combination is strong, zinc iron is miscible and has strong wear resistance;

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