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Norfolk16Mn large diameter longitudinal welded pipeQuality inspection

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The two ends of the steel produced by the seamless pipe manufacturer shall be cut into right angles, and the burrs on the surface shall be removed, which is the raw material used by the seamless pipe manufacturer. The embryo prototube embryo needs to be cut by a cutting machine to form an embryo material with a length of about one meter, which is sent to the furnace for heating through the conveyor belt. The billet is sent to the furnace. After internal heating, the temperature is about degrees, and the fuel used is often ethyne. Temperature control in the furnace is a very key factor.

7 After the above process,Products Show the next step is the polishing process of stainless steel pipe. There are network standards for internal and external wall finishing of pipelines,رولاندو273 أنابيب ملحومة الوزن 1 مترما هو دور الصيانة and the internal and external surface finishing of pipelines meets the mirror standard (i.e. sanitary standard).

vNorfolkUnder the action of thermal stress, because the initial temperature of the surface layer is lower than that of the heart and the shrinkage is greater than that of the heart, the heart is pulled. At the end of cooling, because the final cooling volume shrinkage of the heart cannot be carried out freely, the surface layer is compressed and the heart is pulled. That is, under the action of thermal stress, the surface of the workpiece is finally compressed and the center is pulled. This phenomenon is affected by factors such as cooling rate, material composition and heat treatment process. The faster the cooling rate, the higher the carbon content and alloy composition,Products Show the greater the uneven plastic deformation caused by thermal stress during cooling, and the greater the final residual stress. On the other hand, due to the change of microstructure during heat treatment, i.e. the transformation from austenite to martensite, and each part of workpiece will undergo phase transformation successively, resulting in inconsistent volume growth and structural stress. The final result of the change of tissue stress is the tensile stress on the surface and the compressive stress in the center, which is just opposite to the thermal stress. The microstructure stress is related to the cooling rate, shape and chemical composition of the workpiece in the martensitic transformation zone.

Galvanized pipe: the hot-dip galvanized pipe base plate and molten electroplating solution are combined physically and chemically to form a dense corrosion-resistant structure of zinc iron alloy layer. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel pipe substrate. Therefore, it has strong corrosion resistance.

SNaganoGalvanized pipe is often seen in our daily life, especially in some construction sites. This product has the advantage of durability when used. It also has the characteristics of surface gloss,Products Show uniform zinc layer and no missing plating. Moreover, the cost of hot-dip galvanizing for rust prevention is lower than that of other paint coatings. In addition,رولاندو273 أنابيب ملحومة الوزن 1 مترما هو دور الصيانة this product also has the characteristics of no dripping, strong adhesion, breaking the clean Legion and strong corrosion resistance. Even if it is used in some places where the environment is not good, and it also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. The standard anti rust thickness of hot-dip galvanizing can be maintained for more than years without repair. This is used in some suburban environments. However, in urban or offshore areas standard urban or offshore areas can be maintained for years without repair. The products produced by our company must meet these requirements. Friends who need to order can call us directly.

Iw Spray is OK. This method can not only completely remove rust, oxide and dirt, resulting in the average roughness of the welded pipe.

External steel bonding reinforcement method is a more traditional reinforcement method. The utility model uses an adhesive to paste the steel plate or reinforcement mesh on the cracked part of the wall to achieve the purpose of reinforcement. The commonly used adhesive is usually epoxy resin. This method is simple and fast in construction and has little impact on production and life. Basically the bearing capacity of the wall can be greatly improved without changing the shape and internal use space of the components. It is mainly applicable to the reinforcement of walls that do not allow to increase the section size of original components, but can greatly increase the section bearing capacity.


When excavating a tunnel in a stratum where the rock is not hard and complete,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd it is generally necessary to excavate a diversion pit (also known as pilot hole) and set temporary support.

iH-section steel is an economic section high-efficiency profile with more optimized section area distribution and more reasonable strength weight ratio. It is named because its section is the same as the English letter "H". There is no slope on the inner side of the two outer edges of H-section steel, which is straight. This makes the welding and splicing of H-section steel simpler than I-section steel, better mechanical properties per unit weight, and can save a lot of materials and construction time.

RGenerally speaking, the precision of seamless pipe is relatively low, and it is prone to uneven wall thickness, low surface luminosity and high customization cost. At the same time, some pits or black spots are easy to appear on the inner and outer surfaces. In addition to these, the seamless pipe manufacturer needs to carry out off-line processing for its detection and its strength is relatively high, the pressure is high, and its advantages can be reflected in the material of mechanical structure. Seamless pipe can be divided into hot extrusion, hot rolling and cold rolling stainless steel pipe according to its rolling method. In addition different elements can also be used for classification. The inner and outer surfaces of seamless pipes shall be free from chaps, folds, cracks, cracks, scabs, delaminations and other defects. If these defects are to be removed, If other minor surface defects with negative deviation cannot be removed, it is not a qualified product. The allowable depth diameter of straight path of seamless pipe is less than or equal to mm, and its depth shall not be greater than . mm.

MTest conclusionSpecial shaped pipe: square pipe, rectangular pipe, cap pipe, steel pipe for hollow rubber steel doors and windows welded by general carbon structure steel and Mn steel strip, steel windows and doors, etc.

hQ Cleaning: first, clean the grease, dust and other substances attached to the surface of the galvanized pipe after cleaning.

According to the process, it is divided into arc welded pipe, resistance welded pipe (high frequency and low frequency), gas welded pipe and furnace welded pipe.


Cutting machine, electric welding machine, polishing machine electric hammer, etc

Job descriptionaGalvanized pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional steel, its application life is longer. Secondly, this kind of pipe has strong resistance to baking. In case of critical situation, it will not lead to the collapse of building structure in a short time. In addition, this kind of pipe also has a practical advantage, that is, it is more convenient and lighter when carrying out the construction and installation. The operators save time and labor when carrying out the construction, and the operation efficiency has been greatly strengthened. In this regard, it is not difficult to understand why the galvanized pipe is so favored by various construction units.

VPassivation treatment operation of alloy pipe

Galvanized pipe has excellent corrosion resistance

oNorfolkGeneral welded pipe: General welded pipe is used to transport low-pressure fluid. It is made of qa, qa and QA steel. It can also be made of other mild steel that is easy to weld. Water pressure, zigzag flattening and other tests shall be carried out for steel pipes, and there are certain requirements for surface quality. Generally, the delivery length is -m, and fixed length (or double length) delivery is often required. The standard of welded pipe is expressed in nominal diameter (mm or inch). The nominal diameter is different from the actual. Welded pipe can be divided into general steel pipe and thickened steel pipe according to the specified wall thickness, and steel pipe can be divided into threaded and non threaded according to the way of pipe end.

qH Seamless pipe is resistant to corrosion, acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment, high temperature, impact and fatigue, does not need regular maintenance, and the effective life is more than years;

Check whether the manufacturer&#;s qualification, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, production and operation license and other qualification materials are complete. Look at the case, investigate the supplier&#;s performance and the projects served in the past. Whether there is a self built logistics fleet or not, choosing a service provider with a self built logistics fleet can reduce the transportation cost, and more importantly, ensure the timeliness of delivery. After sales service, whether there is a sound and reliable after-sales service guarantee system, and timely solve quality problems in arrival acceptance and subsequent use. Check whether the quality assurance materials such as product quality certificate, the weld is dense, without burr, oil stain, corrosion, extrusion deformation and flat cross section. Use a micrometer to check whether the outer diameter and wall thickness of the welded pipe meet the requirements, and the standard wall thickness deviation shall not exceed % - %. NDT shall be carried out for welded pipe with flaw detector. Conduct bending tensile strength test according to the requirements, bend the welded pipe for degrees, and there is no crack at the bend.

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