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Cincinnati15CrMo thick wall seamless pipeCount the highlights

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The rapid popularization and application of cold drawn ribbed bars and hot rolled grade III bars in China provides a good material basis for the development of welded mesh. The formal implementation of welding net product standards and application procedures has played a positive role in product quality and accelerating popularization and application.

8With the development of China&#;s infrastructure, the investment in infrastructure continues to grow; Implement the strategy of western development. Economic construction has entered a new stage, and the demand for welded steel mesh for capital construction such as power, transportation, water conservancy, housing and municipal engineering will increase exponentially.

gCincinnatiAfter the passivation treatment of alloy pipe,Products Show it is clearly proposed that water cleaning shall be carried out immediately after the aqueous solution,بيكرسفيلد1cr5mo سميكة الجدار أنبوب سبائكتاجر الجملة ~ times of water cleaning, and then chromic acid closed solution shall be carried out. Chromic acid solution must be carried out h after the subsequent water cleaning of metallographic structure and austenitic alloy pipe. Chromic acid aqueous solution (mass ratio) is % ~ %, the solution temperature is ~ ℃, and the solution time is min. Then dry.

Seamless pipe is made of steel block or solid pipe blank and then made by hot rolling, so concrete can be poured, steel cutting, stitching, etc., and the arrangement can be strengthened. ? saving construction time? The construction progress is greatly accelerated and the construction period is shortened.

RqGalvanized pipe is a name for square pipe,Products Show that is, steel pipe with equal side length. It is made of rolled strip steel after process treatment. Steel pipe has been an essential material in building decoration. Galvanized pipe is also used more in decoration, but hot-dip galvanized steel pipe manufacturers need to know about the size of galvanized pipe and several common sizes of galvanized pipe, which is helpful for your purchase!

Why are galvanized pipes so good?


Characteristics and application of galvanized pipe

mAlloy pipes are widely used in building materials, and the test standards of alloy pipes are also different. Alloy pipe has high hardness and can be used at many levels, most of which is prestressed reinforcement. Where plastic deformation is not specified but compressive strength is specified, such stainless steel plate can be applied.

ZSeamless pipe production process

AWhere is goodGenerally speaking, the precision of seamless pipe is relatively low, and it is prone to uneven wall thickness, low surface luminosity and high customization cost. At the same time,Products Show some pits or black spots are easy to appear on the inner and outer surfaces. In addition to these, the seamless pipe manufacturer needs to carry out off-line processing for its detection,بيكرسفيلد1cr5mo سميكة الجدار أنبوب سبائكتاجر الجملة and its strength is relatively high, the pressure is high, and its advantages can be reflected in the material of mechanical structure. Seamless pipe can be divided into hot extrusion, hot rolling and cold rolling stainless steel pipe according to its rolling method. In addition, different elements can also be used for classification. The inner and outer surfaces of seamless pipes shall be free from chaps, folds, cracks, cracks,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd scabs, delaminations and other defects. If these defects are to be removed, it is necessary to use machining. The removed seamless pipes shall not have negative deviation after the inner diameter is followed, If other minor surface defects with negative deviation cannot be removed, it is not a qualified product. The allowable depth diameter of straight path of seamless pipe is less than or equal to mm and its depth shall not be greater than . mm.

bOGalvanized; hot-rolling;

The finished products shall be placed away from the processing site and stacked in the designated finished product warehouse. Ventilation and other facilities shall be provided in the storage environment.


If the surface of the welded pipe is rusty, and then made by hot rolling we can polish the appearance of the welded pipe with a wire brush to prevent rust.

Inspection requirementsaSeamless pipe is made of steel block or solid pipe blank, cold rolling or cold dial. Seamless pipe plays an important role in China&#;s steel pipe industry. Seamless pipe production processes are relatively rich, generally according to the corresponding steps of processing and production.

H Frame line crack

Chromium can improve the hardenability and wear resistance of steel, and improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of steel

hCincinnati Sulfur is a harmful impurity in steel. Steel with high sulfur content is easy to embrittle during pressure processing at high temperature, which is usually called thermal embrittlement

mZ Welded steel mesh is aesthetically pleasing.

Chromium can improve the hardenability and wear resistance of steel

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