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Sanhe254SMO alloy pipeHow to improve production efficiency

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Galvanized pipes are used in construction, steel construction and other projects, shipbuilding, solar power generation support, steel structure engineering, power engineering,Products Show power plant,Cambridge2520 stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturerWhich aspects are mainly used for agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall automobile chassis, airport, boiler construction, highway railing, house construction, pressure vessel, oil storage tank, bridge,Products Show power plant equipment, Hoisting and transportation machinery and other welded structural parts with high load.

7 When the mesh reinforcement on both sides of the beam is different, the reinforcement on both sides extends into the beam, and the reinforcement anchorage length is required.

dSanheDefects of alloy pipe and solutions:

Because zinc has excellent ductility and its alloy layer is firmly attached to the steel base, hot-plated parts can be formed by cold stamping, rolling, wire drawing bending and so on without damaging the coating;

MBellaval Spray is OK. This method can not only completely remove rust, oxide and dirt, resulting in the average roughness of the welded pipe.

Oz For the surface mesh of the height difference plate, when the height difference is ≤ mm,Products Show the surface mesh can be bent and installed; when the height difference plate is more than mm, the surface mesh should be disconnected at the place with height difference and put into the beam respectively. The anchorage length of the reinforcement is required for the reinforcement to extend into the beam.

Completion of pipeline trench ground; Bricklaying of pipe shaft is completed.


The storage of galvanized pipes should pay attention to several points. The first is the storage location. It cannot be placed in the open air,Cambridge2520 stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturerWhich aspects are mainly used for not only the safety of various products such as theft, but also corrosion problems will occur. Open air sites are vulnerable to various extreme weather conditions. Large amounts of rain or snow will erode the zinc coating on the surface to the greatest extent, which may lead to rust of the product. The second is the details of storage. It is not directly exposed to the sun. It shall be cooled and dried and shall not be stored with corrosive articles.

nLast week, the billet in North China market showed a slight rebound trend. The billet quotation in Tangshan, the leading city, rose first and then stabilized in four trading days, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. Affected by the almost stagnation of festival procurement, Tangshan billet fell by yuan during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. On the first day after the festival,Reinforcement, galvanized pipe, seamless pipe, welded pipe, alloy pipe, I-beam-Shandong Kaiwen metal material Co., Ltd although the phase snail is still running at a low level, due to the small billet resources in the market the steel mills unexpectedly rose, and the billet market rebounded. However, the steel plant has always maintained a cautious wait-and-see attitude to maintain stability.

RClassification supplement

KPromise and keep promise In order to ensure the welding quality of pipes, welders shall be trained, tested and qualified. In addition to the basic theory, the welder should consider the operation skills. The pipe welding process may include several postures of overhead welding, vertical welding and overhead welding (when the pipe cannot rotate). The size of current should be selected to take into account the formation of vertical welding and overhead welding (some pipes are not very large, and the current cannot be adjusted in the middle of one formation). In the process, the stability and formation of arc should be controlled, It can swing properly, and the forming shall be well combined with the necessary swing.

hMThey are not affected by surrounding factors and processes, including corrosion.

Seamless pipe mechanical properties easy processing, etc;


The zinc coating is thick, the crystallization is detailed, uniform and non porous, and the corrosion resistance is excellent;

assetso After chromate passivation, the zinc coating forms white, colorful and military green, which is beautiful and generous and has certain decoration;

XStages needing attention in the production and manufacture of alloy tubes

Metric welded pipe: it is used as seamless pipe in standard. The welded steel pipe expressed by outer diameter * wall thickness mm is welded by hot and cold strip welding of general carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel or Puneng low alloy steel, or it is made by cold drawing after hot strip welding. Metric welded pipe is generally used as structural parts, such as transmission shaft, or to transport fluid. The thin wall is used to produce furniture and lamps. It is necessary to ensure the strength and zigzag test of steel pipe.

wSanhe Simple section steel pipe -- circular steel pipe, square steel pipe, oval steel pipe, triangular steel pipe, hexagonal steel pipe, rhombic steel pipe, octagonal steel pipe, semi-circular steel pipe, others.

aVSteel pipes can be classified by their models:


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