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a steel bar

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a steel bar

  Reinforcement refers to the steel used for reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete. Its cross section is round and sometimes square with rounded corners. Including plain round reinforcement, ribbed reinforcement and torsion reinforcement.

  Reinforcement for reinforced concrete refers to straight bar or coiled bar steel used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete. Its shape is divided into smooth round reinforcement and deformed reinforcement, and the delivery status is straight bar and coiled bar.

  Plain round steel bar is actually small round steel and round steel of ordinary low carbon steel. Deformed reinforcement is the reinforcement with ribs on the surface, usually with 2 longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length direction. The shape of transverse rib is spiral, herringbone and crescent. Expressed in millimeters of nominal diameter. The nominal diameter of deformed reinforcement is equivalent to the nominal diameter of plain round reinforcement with equal cross section. The nominal diameter of reinforcement is 8-50mm, and the recommended diameters are 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40mm. Steel grades: 20MnSi, 20mnv, 25mnsi, bs20mnsi. Reinforcement mainly bears tensile stress in concrete. Due to the action of ribs, deformed reinforcement has great bonding capacity with concrete, so it can better bear the action of external forces. Steel bars are widely used in various building structures. Especially large, heavy, light thin-walled and high-rise building structures.

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